Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Passport Reading Journeys Library for Reading Specialists in Williamsburg-James City County

These are books in the Passport Reading Journeys Library for reading specialists at Lafayette High School, Warhill High School, and Jamestown High School. Which of the following books have you read? Which ones would you recommend?

Published in 1968 by Paul Zindel
First Harper Trophy Edition, 2005
Published in 1990 by Laurel Leaf
Author: Caroline B. Cooney


  1. "The Fact on the Milk Carton" is good, but it is kind of antiquated now. I listened to it about a year ago, and you can tell it is kind of old. Most kids will have no idea what it means to have a face on a milk carton. Haven't read any of the others!

  2. I haven't read this book yet, but I intend to read it in the near future. However, I wouldn't be too concerned about the book being "antiquated." Today, there are still many children in our society who remain missing. If I were to teach this novel, I would help my students understand that this book is about the beginning of a major, national movement to find missing children. I would remind them that, although children's faces may no longer be placed on milk cartons, the faces of missing children are now posted in every Walmart and post office in the country. Every time I go into a Walmart, I can't help but to pause for a moment to look at the photos of missing children on the bulletin boards in the front of the store. I would also have my students research the topic as well so they could see that this topic is still relevant today. I would also help them make the connection to the Amber Alerts that we receive on our phones whenever a child has been abducted. My students always inform me when they receive an Amber Alert on their cell phones, and we discuss what is happening. There have been times when my students tell me they have received an Amber Alert when we were in class. I believe it would be very easy for a teacher to connect this book to what is happening with missing children today. I haven't read this book yet, but I plan to in the near future. I always provide background information and look for ways to make books relevant to my students.